Nikki Haley Defies GOP Convention Bosses, Raises Immigration: Deserves Apology
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N Haley

Sikh courage at work?

Inspired by James Fulford’s blog I looked up what Rush Limbaugh actually said about Nikki Haley and immigration. It is in the second paragraph of GOP Governors Lead the Way August 29, 2012

Nikki Haley was the only person I heard last night mention illegal immigration. I must confess, it's another reason I was a little less than satisfied. I think that's a winning issue for us. I don't know why it wasn't mentioned. But she mentioned it…she specifically talked about the problems they are having in South Carolina with illegal immigration. And what does she do? The federal government will not enforce the law. They have to do it themselves. Then Obama sues them. I thought this is great. Because how many people this country don't know that Barack Obama is suing individual states because he's not enforcing the law?...people need to know… ( emphasis)

Limbaugh is absolutely right of course. The Obamacrat behavior is outrageous, it outrages people, and it is stupid not to constantly remind them of it.

So it looks like Ted Cruz revisited. I was very dubious about ex-Sikh Haley and she defeated a genuine patriot in the 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial race.

But by raising illegal immigration at the Convention she defied the notably totalitarian GOP Establishment management, on an issue upon which they clearly intend to betray the base. That took real integrity and courage – qualities for which Sikh soldiers are famous.

I apologize!

And I applaud Rush Limbaugh.

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