A Connecticut Reader Thanks Us For Our Informative Links On Mormons
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Steve Sailer’s blog item Romney and the Mormons

From: An Anonymous Connecticut Reader [Email him]

Having read Steve Sailer's piece on Romney and Mormon culture, I think it would be of some profit to have VDARE.com readers check out Randall Burns' Mormon Church and Immigration, from 22 April 2011.

I do thank Mr. Fulford for his yeoman work on providing these handy tools for further investigation, because there is a link to a Center for Immigration Studies white paper on the topic and reading 'The Mormon Church and Illegal Immigration', by Ronald W. Mortensen was eye-opening.

 Apparently the Mexican invasion of Utah and all its concomitant problems is celebrated by the LDS Hierarchy. There is nowhere left to run to...

James Fulford writes: I can’t take credit for the link there—which was added by Randall Burns—but if you want to learn more about the LDS attitude towards immigration, I suggest reading   The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Mormons and Migration November 17, 2010. It has 67 links in it, and a layman’s explanation of the Mormon theology that encourages immigration specifically from Mexico.

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