A Reader Notes, Not For The First Time, That Ted Cruz is NOT A Mexican
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From: Jesse Mossman [email him]

You've probably seen this by now—CNBC host Steve Liesman calling for Mexican  music to be played behind a picture of Cruz. Is this ignorance or an  attempt to demean Cruz by implying he is Mexican?  [CNBC Steve Liesman blames weak job numbers on Ted Cruz – requests Mexican Music when Cruz’s face is shown, FireAndreaMitchell.com, October 22, 2013]

Jesse Mossman writes from an undisclosed location somewhere in America.

James Fulford writes: Steve Liesman is making a natural assumption when he thinks a Hispanic Senator from a border state is Mexican-American. It’s not nearly as weird as the Daily Caller’s  Jim Treacher referring to Cruz as a “brown guy” the other day.

Ted Cruz is a white Cuban-American with Irish and Italian ancestors doing work Mexican-Americans won’t do—being a Texas Republican Senator.  He’s a white Cuban-American, son of a white refugee from Batista.  It says something that the GOP's Hispanic outreach in Texas has produced not a patriotic Tejano, but a Great White Hispanic.


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