A Pessimistic Israeli Expatriate Says Israel's Closed Borders Can't Save It From The Consequences Of LEGAL Immigration
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Open Borders Update From U.N.

From: An Anonymous Israeli Expatriate [Send him mail]

Reading Steve Sailer's recommendation that American government hire Israeli officials to police the borders, I remembered why I, an Israeli expat, do not live that country myself. Israeli officials may be good at policing the Israeli border; they are terrible at most other things. They have put Israel on the path to national suicide with their policies. Even in immigration policy, they have contributed to destroying Israel's Jewish identity.

The worst of their policies has been the desire to maintain their apartheid-like rule over the West Bank, where Palestinians where neither citizens of a Palestinian state or citizens of Israel, with no right to control the government that rules them.

Only very recently has Netanyahu even considered the idea of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. This policy, in addition to being immoral, has made Israel miserable by continuing a pointless war that has killed thousands of Israelis and weighs heavily on the psychological and moral health of the nation. The whole idea of the Jewish state loses its moral legitimacy. Among the other things the government of Israel has done that inspired me to permanently leave:

  • They have made Israel very poor with their corrupt economic policies and very high military spending. I might compare the economic situation to Italy, but Israel is poorer than Italy, despite "Start-Up Nation" happythink.
  • Giving a large amount of welfare to the "Ultra Orthodox" Israeli "religious scholars" which has allowed them to leech off the Israeli society, contributing little in return.
  • Allowing the immigration of a hundred thousand Ethiopians who claimed to be Jews—now Israel is stuck with them, and these blacks behave just like they do in America and Europe.
  • Allowing the immigration of hundreds of thousands of Russians who claimed to be Jews. Some had half or quarter Jewish ancestry, some simply lied about having Jewish parents or grandparents. Officially, the number of these people is three hundred thousand, but some think it is much higher. It seems every Israeli has known at least one of these people.
  • Drafting women into the armed forces.
  • Heavily subsidizing settlement building in the West Bank in order to make a Palestinian state impossible, at the same time that Northern Israel has turned majority Arab.
  • Banning political parties.

On the path Israel is on right now, it will probably give up, just as South Africa did, and accept a "secular" one-state solution. The Israelis successfully defied the logic of the cathedral for the longest time, but pretty soon the music will stop. Indeed, the deconstruction has already started: it is now a crime in Israel to "incite to racism."

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