A Reader Says That Illegals Who Say They're Frustrated Should Ask The Rest Of Us How WE Feel
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Allan Wall’s blog item Illegal Activists: "They're Not Going To Take It Anymore"? How About "We Aren't Going To Take It Anymore"?

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

According to Allan Wall, Fox News Latino  tells us that” long-suffering illegal aliens are so frustrated that they just can't take it anymore and are getting even more rambunctious.”

Frustration? In the immigration battle, this word has been tossed around a lot in the last few days. It has been used as justification for the demonstrations that interfered with ICE agents from carrying out their sworn duty in AZ and CA. It has also been used to describe business executives and their sentiments towards tea party conservatives who may try to block reform efforts to provide them with the cheap labor they crave for decades to come.[Business Groups Preparing to Fight Conservatives over Immigration, by Tony Lee, Breitbart.com, October 18, 2013]

Still, whenever I think of the word 'frustrated' in the context of illegal immigration, I am reminded of Arizona rancher Roger Barnett.

Barnett owns a 22,000 acre ranch in southern Arizona near the Mexico border. It has been said that he has been responsible for the apprehension of 12,000 illegal aliens over the years. His livestock has been killed. Vehicles stolen. Water tanks damaged. Property littered. Home invaded. And yet still they come. Day after day. Year after year. The thousands, hundred thousands, and millions. To me, this is frustration.

Of course, as I'm sure a lot of your readers already know, it gets worse. Barnett has also been sued and ordered to pay damages multiple times to people he has stopped. The most recent was a decision from everyone’s favorite 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals. MALDEF, on behalf of a group of illegal aliens that Barnett had detained at gunpoint, successfully won an appeal that awarded the illegals $87,000 for emotional distress.

From my point of view, the Federal Government, in failing to secure our border, owes Barnett a considerable amount more for emotional distress. In fact, how could you even put a number on it. And what about all those citizens who have lost family members at the hands of illegal aliens. Do they not suffer emotional distress? Are they not frustrated by the corruption in the U.S. government that allows this problem to swell.

Simply put, if we want to decide this issue based on who is frustrated the most, then I think we win this issue hands down. After all, the cheap labor lobby and race merchants had an amnesty in 1986. Our border hasn't been secured and immigration laws seriously enforced since the 1950's with Operation Wetback.

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