Ted Cruz: Not A "Brown Guy"
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When I saw this Tweet from the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher, I couldn't see the name Cruz, so when I clicked through, I said "Really?"

I mean, there are racist "brown guys" (Treacher's term) which, when used to refer to Hispanics means Mexicans of Indian or partial Indian descent. They shoot black people and take over their neighborhoods, and use racist language in Spanish and English.

Ted Cruz is certainly not a racist. He's also certainly not brown, or even Mexican. Steve Sailer used this headshot to illlustrate a post called Ted Cruz: White, Cuban, Italian and Irish...Hispanic.

Cruz is not a brown guy. He's a white guy with a name that ends in z. His non-Irish, non-Italian ancestors were Spaniards, and Spain is a country full of white people.

If Treacher thinks the left or La Raza is going to consider Cruz one of them for purposes of being immune to charges of racism, he's dreaming. And if he really thinks Cruz is a "brown guy", he's blind.

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