A Reader Is Surprised (And Delighted) To See A Rational Chart Of Racial Statistics
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Re: Ed Rubenstein’s National Data | The Contours (And Immigrant Status) of Crime

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

I have been reading VDARE.com for years—sometimes even contributing. I ignored the accusations that it was a hate site—racist, bigoted, and not even nice. But last night, you guys stepped over the line. I clicked on the site and, horror of horrors, I saw a crime chart that actually used white for whites, black for blacks, and an unpleasant shade of brown for Hispanics. Don't you guys realize that you are supposed to use colors like purple so readers need to keep referring to the key to see which race is represented?

Furthermore, what if someone notices that the darker the color, the more criminal behavior exists? You need to get out the green and blue before the $PLC notices.

Seriously, I was surprised at the crime rate of the yellows on the chart—usually Asians are said to have lower rates of crime than whites. But perhaps this reflects the inclusion in the Asian race of not just Chinese and Japanese, but also Pakistanis and Indians?

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James Fulford writes: The idea of doing a color chart that reflects the traditional colors  of the population involved is anathema to the MSM, as we’ve noted here before.  See Charts, Color, And Race, Movie Villains And Color Charts, and Charting Diversity

In a previous life, when Peter Brimelow would do Charticles for Forbes, he couldn’t get the graphics department to do this. The chart above is not original to VDARE.com—it's from Jared Taylor’s New Century Foundation, which was going too far before going too far was cool. It's of arrest multiples in New York City specifically, and the slightly higher rate of Asian crime may reflect the fact that many Asians in New York City are recent immigrants. Or as the man said in the movie "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

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