A Reader Takes A Heritage Immigration/Defense Poll With No Good Options
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Re: A Florida Reader Shares An Open Letter To DeMint And Heritage: ”Your Future Requests For Funds Will Go Unheeded” (and handwritten response from John Derbyshire, above)

From: "George Washington"  [Email him]

I’m filling out a survey from the Heritage Foundation. Under their immigration section, titled "What should we do about illegal immigrants and illegal immigration?" they have the following options:

  • Deport those who commit a felony.
  • Make it difficult for employers to hire them.
  • Create a national identity card so everyone who enters the U.S. can be tracked.
  • Give them a path to citizenship.
  • Build fences along our borders.
  • Enforce existing laws.
  • Do nothing to current illegal immigrants but control future illegal immigration.
  • We don't need to control illegal immigration.
Why is there no option for "Deport all illegal aliens in the United States"? There is no reason in the world why we can't deport every last illegal in America. So why have they left it off the list?

Doubtless because they are trying to play nice with donors.

Additionally, why did they include the liberal answer of "We don't need to control illegal immigration"?

In the National Defense section of the survey, Heritage asks "What is your opinion of the state of our national defense?" They only include mainstream conservative answers to that section:

  • The world has become much more dangerous during the Obama administration. We need a strong military to assert American power and preserve our security.
  • Our defenses have fallen to dangerous levels and need to be rebuilt.
  • Our fighting forces are hampered by political decisions in Washington that keep them from winning.
  • Both terrorism and cyberterrorism have exposed seriousness [sic] weaknesses in our national security.
So it is important for us to build up the military, since the world is "much more dangerous" because of Obama. But isn't it even more important that we continue to exist as a nation by removing illegal aliens and having control of our borders?

What do they want us to do, 'Gain the whole world, but lose our own souls'?


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