A Reader Is Disgusted By Joel Kotkin's Immigration Enthusiasm
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Re: Thomas Martel's article Joel Kotkin Surprised by “Progressive Clerisy” (Hint: Think Non-White Population Growth)


From: A Disgusted Reader [Email him]


CJ_20_3[1]Joel Kotkin is a boob. He has been at the forefront of celebrating massive immigration into the United States for years. He even had the nerve to write an article published in City Journal lamenting the fact that California today is not the California he used to know. [The Golden State’s War on Itself | How politicians turned the California Dream into a nightmare, Summer 2010] And he did this without once mentioning the impact of massive immigration from Mexico on the quality of life in California.


Amazing. And such people are considered intellectuals today.


I repeat: Joel Kotkin is a boob.


James Fulford writes: I searched the City Journal article to see if he’d even mentioned it, and he had:

"California now has a lower percentage of people who moved there within the last year than any state except Michigan. Even immigration from abroad seems to be waning: a recent University of Southern California study shows the percentage of Californians who are foreign-born declining for the first time in half a century."

So instead of decrying the effect of massive immigration from Mexico on the quality of life in California, Kotkin is complaining that the decline in California’s quality of life is slowing massive immigration from Mexico.

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