A Reader In North Carolina Likes VDARE.com
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07/24/08 - A Reader Replies To Martin Lopez's Defense Of Janet Murguia

Derek in Raleigh, North Carolina [Email him] writes:

I just wanted to send a message to you about your work on VDARE.com. I love it. I am a manager of a restaurant in Raleigh, NC. i am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, went thru Katrina and now reside in NC. I had never seen any reason to worry about the immigration problem pre-Katrina. Never worked with a Mexican in my life, being from a city 80% black, at least. So here I am now in Raleigh, NC with a huge Mexican population. I cannot tell over 90% of my kitchen employees how to do their job because they do not speak English. I know for a fact that their Social Security numbers are fake, even though i did not hire them. They have all been called in to required services (if checked) and nothing happens! I have one employee who has a lady in California coming after her because she is using her Social Security number. The lady is trying to close on a house and can't because this illegal has her Social Security number. Would I be [ticked]!

Now, the government is making it my responsibility to call two different agencies to check address, Social Security number, hometown, phone number and check it online at another agency. FOR WHAT? The the government makes restaurant managers jump through hoops, spend time to check all this to establish they are illegal (we all already know, including the government) and at the end, nobody does anything. The government expects them to just leave. So the illegals go and spend 10 more dollars on another Social Security number, go apply to a non-restaurant job or one that isn't a corporation, and nothing happens...except this—the restaurants can get fined $10,000 per infraction for hiring a person whose Social Security number doesn't match! Even if called in to proper authorities. But, if they already work for you prior to 2007, you don't even have to check.

In saying all of this, your blog brings out concerns I never see mentioned and things to do about it. I am caught between a rock and a hard place over this issue. I see no reason why the government puts the countries immigration problems on my plate. That's why as an AMERICAN male 38 yrs old I   have paid such high taxes my whole life. Protecting our borders, to me, is one of their only and biggest jobs. But since our   government has turned soooo liberal, they worry about everything but what they were put there to do. (Yes, I'm conservative!)

Anyway, thanks for reading this and keep up the good work. I bookmarked it and I come into contact with over 11,000 people a week at work and will pass it around.

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