A Reader Replies To Martin Lopez's Defense Of Janet Murguia
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07/23/08 - A Reader Has Personal Experience Of The Problems With Foreign Surnames And Immigration Enforcement

Re: A Hispanic Reader Defends Janet Murguía

Mary M. [Email her] writes

Martin Lopez might find the basic facts inconvenient, and feels the need to spin things to suit his particular bias, but for American citizens like myself (and I am a lifelong liberal Democrat), illegal aliens are a significant part of the problems that have caused our economic problems. The corrupt corporate and business interests that exploit them, couldn't do so were the illegals not willing to displace American citizens in the workplace.

 Even when confronted with the very real harm they are helping to bring about, they first deny it, and when that fails, they slander and demean American citizens. I have seen this hateful, discriminatory behavior of theirs first hand, and it's the reason my eyes were opened to it. I will never vote for a politician, especially a democrat who  rationalizes a continuation of illegal aliens being able to evade the full responsibilities of their law breaking and the harm they have done to our country and our citizens.

Lopez and those like him want to pretend that it's only white Americans who are against illegal aliens, amnesty and the undermining of our national sovereignty. The truth is that Americans of all races and ethnicities, including Americans of Hispanic ancestry are angry about illegal aliens violating our laws and undermining our jobs and our children's futures. Every black American I know is fed up with illegals, La Raza, LULAC and MALDEF, and all other parts of the open borders lobby. They are angry at black members of congress who would prefer to take corporate blood money to look the other way, and betray their citizen constituents. Lopez doesn't care about black Americans, but he finds their opinions inconvenient to his agenda.

We all know that there are not enough jobs left in the US for the American citizens who need them, and there is no worker shortage. Lopez will try to use the lies bought and paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable, but that is because he hates American citizens, of all races. So does Janet Murguia, truth be told, she doesn't much care about illegal aliens, including Hispanic illegals.

She is on the payroll of those who want to rationalize the status quo that exists south of the border, and wants to impose that same status quo here. She's happy to take millions of dollars, and use Hispanic illegals as pawns. Perhaps if those like Lopez weren't so given to their own racial supremacist hatred, they would wake up and realize that instead of a better life, they are merely being used. At a time in the not too distance future if Murguia and her corporate cronies have their way, Hispanic illegals will be left stuck worse than they were in their home countries. They will have helped destroy the economy of the only people who have ever tried to help them. There certainly won't be any help coming after that. They've put their own heads on the chopping block, because they seem to be incapable of anything other than bitterness and reactionary behavior.

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