A Reader Is Unimpressed By Bush Enforcement Claims
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07/25/08 - A Reader In North Carolina Likes VDARE.com

Re: Democrat Admits Pleasure At A Balanced Immigration Article From WAPO, by Donald A Collins

Robert [Email him] writes:

I believe Secretary Baker is like most of Bush's stooges...they just find excuses for not ridding the nation of illegal aliens. The government purposely has provided a loophole for employers by indicating that they will not be responsible for hiring illegal aliens if the latter provides any authentic looking documents. One can call the Social Security Administration to determine whether the number is valid or has been used by others. It doesn't take an IQ of 160 to figure out that if a number has been used before then someone is using false documents. In such cases just call ICE and let them determine the workers validity.

But, here is the rub, ICE will not respond because "they don't have the manpower." Bush does not want to rid the nation of illegals, because by 2010, when SPP is implemented, open borders will be fully implemented. So much for immigration reform.

By the way what does the term "aiding and abetting" really mean?

Donald A. Collins replies: I don't know about Baker, but certainly the Bush record would support your contention. My main point was that WAPO had written a fairly balanced article, something I had not seen before.

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