A Reader Notes Bloomberg/BusinessWeek Treason Lobby Propaganda
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From:A Determinedly Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Charles Kenny has a new piece in Bloomberg/BusinessWeek that has to be read to be believed. The title ("Be a Patriot: Hire an Illegal Alien") [September 16, 2011] suggests a parody, but unfortunately it is not. The article rehashes various cliches of open borders advocacy, all of them wrong. Someone nail this guy.

James Fulford writes: Charles Kenny [Email him] is a "is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development." That means he's a professional globalist, and this article, which really is almost unimaginably bad, is just one aspect of the global harm that guys like him do.

I'll just mention one part, what Kenny calls "The moral question":

"But what about the problem that, absent reform, it's breaking the law to do so? When a law itself prohibits doing the right thing, when it is immoral rather than just annoying or inconvenient, and when breaking that law does no great harm to any others, it is justifiable for people of conscience to choose to break that law. That is close to where we find ourselves with immigration legislation. It limits freedom of movement by immigrants and freedom of choice by employees. It does no good, but it causes considerable suffering. Current U.S. immigration laws have all the moral standing of pass laws in apartheid South Africa."

Well, after apartheid ended in South Africa, a number of things happened that made many people wonder if apartheid was all that evil in the first place. You know, the corruption, and the power failures, and especially all the rapes and murders.

But aside from that, the ideas of applying the argument against "pass laws" to whole countries is ridiculous—it would mean that, for one thing, there would no longer be any objection to colonialism and imperialismwhere, ahem, white countries used to do to other countries what Mexicans are now doing to the Southwest. (China is still doing this to Tibet.)

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