A Reader Hopes That “Regional Equity” Will Be A Wake-up Call For Flighty Whites
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Re: “Regional Equity”—Obama’s Coming War On Whitopias

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Jesse Mossman’s article on so-called regional equity is very good. I too had heard nothing of this until recently, and I must say that to some degree I am not sorry to see it happen.

I don't really know what, if anything will ever wake whites—and for that matter Asians—up, but I do think that if you force redistribution from the suburbs to the inner cities that might come as close as anything else to doing it.

 The alternative is for whites to simply flee—as they have done for the past fifty years— any nonwhite influx to their communities. Meanwhile, a massive horde would continue to flow in from the south until their numbers are overwhelming.

Most whites and Asians are too selfish, quite frankly, to do anything about mass immigration as long as they are comfortable in their own communities.

Perhaps a bit of discomfort of the type that Obama, and his fellow leftists, want to visit upon them is just what is needed at this time.

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