A Reader Has No Doubts About The "European Christian Conquest Of America"
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Re: Pat Buchanan's article Cultural Cleansing of Christian Males

From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

Pat Buchanan writes:

"What all these arguments are at bottom all about, however, is a deep divide among us over the question: Was the European Christian conquest of America, given its flaws and failings, on balance, a great and good thing. Or not?"
No. What all these arguments are about is anti-white racism and demographic genocide, and I would have liked Pat to be more forthright on that.

51ZCA706FSL[1]As to the question he poses of course the European conquest was a great thing and in comparison to the flaws and failings of "native" cultures and civilizations ours look petty indeed.

As Warren H. Carroll said in his 2004 book it was "The Conquest of Darkness!"

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