A CA Reader Says America Should Pull Up The Ladder
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From:  A Reader in California (which is sinking)

Today as I was attempting to explain to my 8 year old daughter why the U.S. must stop uncontrolled immigration, I hit upon a good analogy which I would like to share with you:

Imagine you and your children are on a life boat in the ocean and all around you are people begging you to allow them into the boat. If you don't, they will surely drown. You let as many on as you can, but the point is reached where you know that if you let one more person into the life boat it will sink. Then, everyone on board the life boat will drown along with all the people still in the water. Is it wise or moral to keep letting people in the boat until it sinks and drowns your children? America is the only life boat we have, and it is beyond filled to capacity. There is no Carpathia coming to rescue us. If we allow everyone who wants to enter our lifeboat to do so, our boat will quickly submerge and our country will be indistinguishable from the Third World countries that these drowning souls are fleeing.

Sometimes in terrible situations very difficult decisions must be made. But in this case there is really only one choice— save at least some or allow all to perish. 

America cannot continue to be the entire world's lifeboat. We must stop the immigration deluge or we will all go down with the ship.

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