A Hispanic Reader Says We're Racists, Should Learn Spanish; Peter Brimelow Replies
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From: Gabriel Rocha [e-mail him]

Why don't you publish this article, (Race Forms Ugly Underbelly Of Immigration Debate, by Amber Arellano, Detroit News, April 30, 2007) on VDARE.COM?  Hmmm... probably not a welcome point of view.  Surprise, surprise.

In the end, Arellano is right.  You clowns don't like the fact that we're brown and that we come from Latin America.  I am 100% sure that if we were German, Irish or some other "white" European nationality there would be an instant end to the immigration debate.   

There are many, many young Hispanic families in this country... lots of kids, lots of enthusiastic hard work and savvy... we are not going anywhere and you can't stop it.  Is that what's really bothering you and all your frightened VDARE.COM buddies?

Do yourself a favor…learn some Spanish.  I have pretty much mastered the use of the English language.  Now it's your turn.

Peter Brimelow writes: Of course, we can't post Amber Arellano's rant, because it's the property of the Detroit News, where she is a token Hispanic writer.  But it's just the usual stuff: no mention of the word "illegal", all criticism of immigration is "racism", quack quack. (quack back to Arellano).

Even a slight knowledge of American history would reveal the fact that the first major anti-immigration movement, the American Party and the Know-Nothings in the 1850s, was triggered by the arrival of the Irish, who were genetically indistinguishable from America's Founders. Moral: As always in immigration politics, "numbers are of the essence". Too much of any group causes problems.

But there is no doubt that these problems are exacerbated when the arrivals are racially (and culturally) distinct—and especially when they arrive asserting that they expect the majority to change to suit them: witness, Rocha's characteristically arrogant demand that we learn Spanish.

For the record, Letters Editor Joe Guzzardi points out that he was brought up in Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. But he still wants an end to the immigration disaster.

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