A Reader Has Advice For The GOP—And An Address For Readers To Add Their Own Advice
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Re: Steve Sailer’s Hawley: "Do [Immigration] Restrictionist Policies Cost Congressional Republicans Votes?" No, They Don't.

From Reginald De Chantillon [Email him]

Recently I found the GOP was seeking advice on how best to change the party and was actively seeking general public advice. [The Republican Party seeks to learn from its mistakes—and it wants your help, By Chris Moody, Yahoo! News  The Ticket – Wed, Jan 23, 2013]. This may sound implausible, but it is true the GOP is currently coming up with policy changes. It is also highly likely the fix is already in and the idea of hearing from the populace is merely opposition research collecting to come up with some perception management explanation for Treason by the GOP leadership whores.

Nonetheless, it behooves VDARE.com to post the email address: GOProject@gop.com  where VDARE.com readers may send their thoughts.

If a number of people back up their assertions with political science research citations of political scientist  George Hawley provided by Steve Sailer, isn't it likely some mid-level GOPer who still has a soul might read it and plant more seeds?

Reginald De Chantillon [see previous letters]is a former GOP campaign strategist who worked on Pete Wilson's campaigns for Governor, Proposition 187, and other local elections in California. He refused to sell his soul and left professional party building.

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