A Reader Feels Sorry For Us, Because We Know About Jane Elliott
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Re: Jane Elliott

From: "Jennifer"

You have no idea what you are talking about. Do any of you know anything about education?

Clearly, you do not. I feel sorry for you.

Sincerely, Jennifer

James Fulford writes: Here at VDARE.com we know lots about education; Peter Brimelow wrote a book on it. What we mostly know is that education is too important to be left to the teachers. As for me, my attitude is that of Bertie Wooster when Jeeves tried to talk him into going on a round-the-world cruise,

"Travel is highly educational, sir."

"I can't do with any more education. I was full up years ago."

One reason I'm glad I don't go to school is that if I did, I'd encounter  re-education from multicultural loonies like Jane Elliott. (Click here for an interview she gave abusing white people in Australia.) Jane Elliott is still a force in society, and we understand her educational tactics very well. They are using Jane Elliott's hateful "Blue-Eyes" training film at the

Fort Wayne YMCA last week, and she now has her own web page. You can contact her here.

Here are two articles I wrote explaining her ideas:

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