An LA Fireman Endures "Diversity Training."
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From:  Kevin Rudd

Your piece on the abolition of the West was dead on. All this talk about the "peaceful" religion of Islam, and how it is one of the three great traditions that recognizes "the people of the book" is sheer fantasy. I think it is just part of the delusion that all people are in almost all ways just like themselves. We hear it constantly about all the cultures that have established themselves in the United States.

I'm a firefighter in the city of Los Angeles and was recently required to attend our department's Diversity Training. I'm sure you're well aware of the Orwellian nature of these exercises. There were two specific aims to our particular training. The first was to try to convince us that despite all evidence to the contrary, no one is ever promoted or treated differently on the basis of sex or race. The second was to help us to acknowledge that there are basically two groups in this world: privileged white males, and persecuted women and people of color.

My session turned out to be quite revealing. The instructors weren't all that well versed in their subject and seemed to count on the squeamishness that most have in talking about race in a mixed crowd to prevent any opposition. I had heard enough of this garbage before though, and I asked some general questions to demonstrate they were bald-faced liars.

The first part of their presentation explained how much more diverse the country, as well as our fire department had become in recent history.[VDARE.COM note: LAFD is under a "consent decree" to increase minority representation.] They then tried to define diversity. They took great pains in explaining that while many think of diversity in terms of gender and race, this is inaccurate, and that diversity is really all about our uniqueness as individuals i.e. our talents, abilities, and points of view.

I asked, excluding race and sex, in what ways has our country or department become more diverse? I also asked, according to your definition, how will the department measure itself with respect to diversity? They told me they would cover that later and couldn't give an answer then (of course they never did).

The part that was most infuriating, though, was when they stated, "Diversity recognizes no one culture as being intrinsically superior to any other." I asked that in light of the recent attacks on the United States we might be able to proclaim that the Taliban was inferior to another culture? No, was the answer. I restated, you mean you do not believe that your own culture is superior to one that is dedicated to the destruction of your own? No, was the reply along with the question, "well, what are you going to do if you meet a Muslim on the street?" I replied that I had said nothing of Islam or any individual, only of the culture of the Taliban. I then asked, how about the Nazi culture, you know, the one dedicated to the extermination of the Jews, inferior to our own? Well not all Germans were Nazis, was the reply. I again noted that I had said nothing of Germans only of the Nazi culture. The response was that people are the product of their environment and thus can't be judged.

The whole exchange was like beating one's head against the wall. 

The last part of the training was a personal inventory consisting of 80 questions designed to measure one's conformity to the diversity dogma. All responses were graded from 1-4 and the higher number was the "correct" answer. Some highlights: you received the minimum points for

1.  Not believing that Whites benefit from diversity programs in the workplace.

2.  Not believing that Whites have more advantages than any other group in America.

3.  Not believing that minorities are "never" promoted for any reason other than merit.

4.  For believing that Asians as a group are more intelligent than other groups.

Fortunately, civil service protections allow us to speak our minds without too much fear of retribution, and these programs in the fire department are probably counter-productive because of the hostility they generate. Racism is not a big problem on our department and the hostility is mainly manifested towards the administration for subjecting the members to these lies.

I can only imagine how these exercises must play out in private industry where people fear for their jobs. Keep getting your message out. I work in multicultural hell and pray that the entire nation does not suffer the same fate as my city.

October 16, 2001

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