A Reader Doesn't Think Portland And Seattle Are That Safe
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Re: Paul Kersey’s article Halloween In Georgetown: Africa In Our Midst?

From: Barry Peterson [Email him]

Paul Kersey believes:

"Progressive strongholds like Austin TX, Boulder CO, Portland OR and Seattle WA have some of the nicest, and safest, downtown areas in the entire country."

Before you take a downtown evening walk-about in any of the four you may want to check to see if his belief seems to be realistic.

See below:


James Fulford writes:  The sentence before  that was “Liberalism cannot be blamed for the failings of black America. Liberals blame white racism for black crime—Beltway conservatives blame Great Society liberals.

Kersey’s point is that the very largely white residents of these cities are almost as liberal as blacks, and voted for Barack Obama at levels just short of the 98 percent that blacks did.

But their liberalism, as such, doesn’t make them commit the kinds of crimes that blacks do. And while there are “neighborhood” problems in parts of Portland, the city as a whole is less than 8 percent black. Compare that with Baltimore, for example. Or Detroit.

No, those places are relatively safe, in spite of liberalism. It's not liberalism that's the problem.

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