A Former LAPD Officer Isn't Going To Buy J. Christian Adams's New Book On The Obama/Holder Justice Department
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Re: Washington Watcher’s article J. Christian Adams’s INJUSTICE: The “Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department” Turns Out To Be Anti-White Zealotry

Jim [Email him]

Thanks to Washington Watcher for the info on Adams. While he highlights the vile racism of Holder I will not buy his book, which I had intended until reading your comments about him. Apparently this naive guy praised Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. That is all I need to know. Parks was a secretary for the NAACP who set up the confrontation on the bus which gave her unwarranted fame. King was a Communist sympathizer who had serial affairs, was funded by the Communist party, and much more.

Adams is “deferential to the 1960s-era Black Panthers.”! The Black Panthers attempted to kill LAPD officers in shoot outs as well as using pipe bombs and much more.

It sounds like Adams never really had much practical experience dealing with black racism until he worked for the DOJ. But this is always the way it works. The most liberal person becomes a conservative once they become a victim of black violent crime.

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