A Reader Doesn’t Believe The NYT’s Graphics Department
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article Adam Davidson in NYT Magazine: “Jealous” Americans Should Be Punished With 11 Million Immigrants a Year

From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

The disingenuousness of Adam Davidson's March 29 op-ed in the NYT magazine is literally illustrated in the comic under the header of the article:


A line of presumably high-skilled and/or talented individuals (my favorite is the blonde engineer in a skirt) denied access by the visible hand of an arbitrary government.

If the article were more representative of reality there'd be a moving line of individuals like this; first a fat, squat mother with two equally fat kids in tow and a baby in her arms, a gang-banger covered with tattoos, a guy running with police on his heels, an Islamic terrorist with a bomb in his hand and the fuse lit, a pregnant woman, a guy in a hospital bed with bandages, a guy driving a taxi, an unskilled worker, a woman with a black eye, a woman holding a mop and bucket, an Indian guy sitting on a bed of nails, a woman in a maid's uniform holding a stack of towels—and so on.

And the giant hand would be pushing the American flag aside so this rabble could push into the US.

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