Adam Davidson in NYT Magazine: "Jealous" Americans Should Be Punished With 11 Million Immigrants a Year
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29onmoney-master1050-v2[1]The Times vision of rejected immigrants.

The United States should absorb as many as 11 million immigrants each year into its economy, NPR “Planet Money” founder Adam Davidson writes in The New York Times Magazine.

“Few of us are calling for the thing that basic economic analysis shows would benefit nearly all of us: radically open borders,” he says.

His proposal would double the current U.S. population in only 29 years to over 637 million people. He writes

Whenever I’m tempted by the notion that humans are rational beings, carefully evaluating the world and acting in ways that maximize our happiness, I think of our meager immigration policies. For me, it’s close to proof that we are, collectively, still jealous, nervous creatures, hoarding what we have, afraid of taking even the most promising risk, displaying loyalty to our own tribe while we stare, suspiciously, at everyone else. It’s nice to believe that I am part of a more mature, rational generation, that my grandfather’s old ways of thinking are dying away. But I’m not so sure. We might be a lot more like him than we want to think. Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant, March 24, 2015

Most pleas for mass immigration tend to follow this line of argument. First, there is the bland assertion that it is good for the economy. However, once people start thinking through the obvious negative consequences of adding a few hundred million Third Worlders, the emotional arguments quickly emerge.

These include fantasies about older Americans "dying away," resentment against "jealous" and "nervous" Americans who are trying to hold on to what they have, and projection about "displaying loyalty to our own tribe."

Of course, Open Borders supporters are often obsessively driven by ethnic agendas while immigration patriots generally cling to colorblind rhetoric about legality, not that it does them any good.

Let's put it bluntly—this was an argument for the American nation, as it exists, to be utterly annhilated. There is no point to having a country, participating in any of its institutions, or defending it at any level if you are to be replaced and governed by foreigners and insulted and punished for protesting. It's a screed of hate and a proclamation of treason.

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