A Reader in Spain Fears Immigration Will Take His Country The Way Of The United States
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From: Mauricio Ayala

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Report From Occupied America: Sunday In The Park With Jorge

I found Sailer's article strikingly familiar. In Spain most Latin American immigrants are from Peru and Ecuador.

Yet they behave the same way as the Mexicans and Central Americans do in Los Angeles— meeting in large numbers at parks, with the same undesirable side effects.

Ten years ago, when almost no Latin immigrant lived in Spain, some among us liked to think of the so-called "special cultural links" we had with South America.

But now that they are here, we're shocked to see how different from us they are.

Here in Spain we have the same politically correct speech about integration, but I am afraid that we are following the same wrong path the US has taken.

Immigrants have created enclaves and the gap between the political elite and the common people is widening.

It is interesting to read articles in VDARE.COM just to watch what Spain's future will soon be.

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