A Reader Denounces Mexicans As Not Being Indigenous Enough
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08/30/10 - A Reader Writes That Closeted Republicans Are Hypocrites; James Fulford Comments

From: Mary [Email her]

Re: The Fulford File, By James Fulford: The Armenian Ambassador From Mexico Thinks American Armenians Should Be Unpatriotic

I've repeatedly seen the same data cited on VDARE.COM, that the CIA Factbook considers the "Mestizo" or mixed race of Hispanic with indigenous population is 60%. That is simply not the case considering the actual, documented of history of conquest in Latin America.

The Spanish committed a genocide, with very few of the actual indigenous actually remaining afterwards. There are still small pockets of indigenous remaining. The claims that Latin America has perpetuated about widespread intermarriage between the Spanish and indigenous were laughed off even in Latin America when it attempted to explain away the disappearance of the indigenous after conquest.

The Hispanics of Latin America, as well as the Portuguese (Brazil) are very racist, and connections with the indigenous are looked down on.

Some in the US have come to believe that dark skin is a sign of indigenous heritage, but anyone who has been to Spain or Portugal knows that dark skinned Spanish and Portuguese are fairly common.

There were not enough indigenous left to entitle Latin Americans, including Mexicans, to this false claim of "Mestizo", entitling them to indigenous status. That lie was perpetuated out of a desire to run from history, and it's being exploited to provide a sense of entitlement to claim parts, if not all, of the US as Mexican territory.

Please stop accepting this misrepresentation—it needs to be challenged.

James Fulford writes: Without going into the physical anthropology of it (I'm not an expert), this is simply wrong. The Indian ancestry of Mexicans and other Latin Americans is something that is visible to the naked eye, and not simply a matter of skin color. The Spaniards who conquered Mexico didn't commit genocide—they didn't have the capability or the desire. Instead they dominated and frequently enslaved the locals, and yes, intermarried with them. And the Indians of Chiapas haven't disappeared—except   in the sense that they're now showing up in California to work in the fields. Whether they'll assimilate in America is questionable. Five hundred years after Cortez, they still can't speak Spanish.

However, VDARE.COM's position is that even if they are indigenous as all get out, that still doesn't give them a claim to lands north of the Rio Grande. Even North American Indians don't own the place anymore, and the Aztecs never got that far north, because the Comanche wouldn't let them.

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