A Reader Lowers The Bar For Correspondence Somewhat, But We Know You Can Do Better
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08/31/10 - A Reader Denounces Mexicans As Not Being Indigenous Enough

From: Salvador Limon (Email him)

Re: Allan Wall's Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe And Guess What—She's White!

I read your article on Ms. Mexico…She's white and, man, you are one ignorant piece of sh*t... I just wanted to say that, not even gonna waste my time explaining why...


James Fulford writes: This is not the only letter we have on Allan Wall's article, I have another letter from Gabriel Rocha, who doesn't like us any more than Mr. Limon, but who can at least spell. But I thought I'd put this up as a challenge to readers. You can send us letters, they don't have to be perfect!

This letter was even worse before I fixed errors of spelling, capitalization and punctuation, and added a careful asterisk. But I'd like to remind our literate friends and enemies to write us letters, because we like to get letters, and we do print them.

Come on, people, you know you can do better than this!

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