A Reader Credits Ralph Nader With Inspiring Pro-Labor Restrictionism
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Re: Sailer on Unz: Immigration, The Minimum Wage, And The Rule Of Law

From: Claire Winston [Email her]

Ralph Nader has been saying the same thing Ron Unz said for years. This was exactly what he said would curb illegal immigration on his presidential website back in 2008, where he wrote

"There are two ways to deal with these issues. First, raise the minimum wage to the purchasing power level of 1968, $8 per hour, and then, in another two years, raise it to $10 an hour. Since 1968, the U.S. economy has doubled in production per capita. We need to ensure a living wage in the United States for full-time workers and their families. Currently, 47 million full-time workers work for less than a living wage."

Give credit to where credit is due.

Unz basically quoted Nader. Nader has been my hero since childhood and I hate seeing him overlooked.

Peter Brimelow writes: Curiously I wrote an article saying I was going to vote for Nader   here in Connecticut (only a few miles from his birthplace) although we had a great clash in Forbes years ago. See How I Became a Resentful Naderite, Takimag, October 29, 2008. Also Ruminating On Ralph: Could Immigration Be Unsafe At Any Speed?, which starts "We all know that politics make strange bedfellows. But this is ridiculous."

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