A Midwest Reader Says RIP Steve Jobs, But Also RIP American Jobs
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Re: Michelle Malkin's article The Miracle of iCapitalism

From: Kathy Knechtges (e-mail her)

iCapitalism may be a miracle. But it is also true that for the first time in many decades the success of an industry was not widely shared with many Americans, or primarily benefiting this country.

The tech industry was among the first to import cheaper foreign H1B workers, and much of the industry has been off-shored.

It is shocking and disgusting that so much of this was invented here and, at present, so many of the jobs, R&D, and manufacturing are benefiting other countries. And our economy is in ruins with so many out of work. Contrast this to the auto industry. Mass production started here and it helped to create the middle class. GM was once our biggest employer. Now Wal-Mart is. The auto industry benefited our entire economy, with vast networks of spin-off jobs. This degeneration is also the result of American workers losing their bargaining power.

James Fulford writes: Steve Jobs was a great man—I have an iPhone sitting next to my computer at this moment. It's a miracle of American ingenuity, but it was assembled in China. And Apple certainly uses H1B employees.  Here's a chart of Apple's  visa applications, from MyVisaJobs.com.

Apple Chart

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