A Hispanic Reader In New York State Wants To Report Illegals—DHS Doesn't Want To Know
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From: An Anonymous New York State Reader [Email him]

I live in Liberty, NY. Within the past five years I have noticed an influx of illegal aliens in our town. A factory opened and they all work there.

Now the town is full of shops opened by some of these aliens. I did call the DHS but could not get anywhere because they said I need specific names and addresses.

How can I get them to check out this factory to see if they are employing illegal aliens?

As a matter of fact, I was actually discouraged by the DHS operator,  making me out like I was doing something wrong, saying I just can’t call and make accusations.

I also noticed a lot of them have Pennsylvania license plates. Pennsylvania Is pretty far away from this town but yet their kids are going to school over here. I have a feeling something more is going on—these illegal immigrants are doing something to get around the system.

James Fulford writes: Even with specific names and addresses, it was never easy to get the DHS to move. See Reporting Illegal Aliens: A Citizen Takes Up Arms For His Country  and "ICE, Do Your Duty!" D.A. King Reports Another Illegal Alien Demonstration. Now, of course, the Obama Administration has declared an Administrative Amnesty—not acting is official policy.

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