A Reader Calls For City of Ferguson and State of Missouri To Do An Investigation Of Holder's DOJ
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Everyone Is Guilty: The Eric Holder Challenge: Can You Find a City Where Blacks Aren’t Arrested More Often?

From: An Anonymous Immigration Patriot [Email him]

The City of Ferguson and State of Missouri should also do a report on the Ferguson Incident. However, they should do the report from a different angle.

The Justice Department carried out an investigation on the police department and the conclusions of the report were pretty much exactly as one expected it to be. The City of Ferguson, Saint Louis, County, or the State of Missouri should investigate the Justice Department's handling of the incident. The organization of the report should be as follows:

1. They should investigate if the Ferguson Police Department is any different than the police departments in any other cities. This needs to include arrests that the Justice Department/Federal Law Enforcement must also make.

2. They should also investigate the bias within the Justice Department.

a. They should bring up the various "my people" statements of Eric Holder

b. They should bring up various cases where racist crimes by Blacks are ignored, such as the Black Panther Voting Rights case.

3. They need to investigate how the Justice Department worked with the media. For example, when did the Justice Department know that "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was a lie and what did they do about it? All leaks to the press, all statements by the administration, etc. need to be compared to that data.

The results of this report are a foregone conclusion also. We all know that the Justice Department is rigged against whites, we all know that no Police Department in America in similar circumstances would have different results.

We all know that the Justice Department and the Obama Administration deliberately mis-represented or ignored the facts, and very likely deliberately stirred up the incident to get votes. The purpose of this is to have a different government body provide a counter narrative to the Justice Department on official stationary.

The entire "Civil Rights" nonsense that leads to Black Run America rests upon all government agencies in the United States saying the same things and ignoring the same evidence. A single report that discredits the Justice Department's handling of the case would be a tremendous moral victory and it could very well prevent riots in the future.

See an earlier letter from the same reader.

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