A Reader Compares The Philippines To Latin America
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From: "Angry White Male" [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's blog item Sharron Angle, Asians And Hispanics

James Fulford wrote of Nevada's Filipinos "They really are Asian…with Hispanic names."

Actually, the Philippines is a lot more like Latin America (actually the worst of Latin America) than Asia. Hard work and customer service, for which Asian countries are rightly known, are virtually non-existent in the Philippines. Filipinos expect to be bribed, but often fail to deliver ever after bribes have been paid.

Like Latin Americans, most Filipinos are Catholics who are exploited by the Church. Because birth control and abortion are officially banned, the peasants over-breed themselves into perpetual poverty. Some islands (e.g., Cebu) have been almost completely deforested, overcrowded, and filthy, and are more like Haiti than any place in Latin America.

Like the Jews in Latin America, overseas Chinese in the Philippines own a disproportionate amount of the land and businesses, especially banks and media, and control the politicians through campaign contributions. Most of them have assumed Filipino names and no longer speak or write Chinese, but they avoid interbreeding with Filipinos, who are ethnically mainly Malay and have a much lower median IQ. However, they can be identified by appearance and intelligence.

(Michelle Malkin looks like an overseas Chinese, not a Filipino, and her IQ is typical of a Chinese, not a Filipino.)

The Manila airport charges a small entry fee to keep out relatives. Whenever any Filipino flies, the entire extended family accompanies him to the airport. Because of the fee, hundreds of people crowd against the windows outside the departure area and block the doors.

Filipinos routinely fly to Hong Kong and Singapore to shop and bring back their purchases in giant cardboard "Balakbayan boxes", for which the airlines charge a lump sum fee regardless of weight. It's advisable to check only hard-shell luggage on flight to the Philippines to avoid having your bags crushed by Balakbayan boxes, which sometimes contain refrigerators and other heavy appliances.

The only way to get a Filipino driver to pick you up in the morning at a set time is to make him sleep in his taxi or Jeepney in your hotel parking lot. The drivers typically don't own the vehicles, which if traced through corporate layers probably would turn out to be owned by Chinese.

During an early morning taxi ride to the Manila airport from a major hotel, the driver ran out of gas. We had to find another taxi in the dark in the middle of nowhere. The Filipino driver nevertheless expected to be paid. He wasn't.

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