An Anchor Baby (?) Astronaut's Brother Protests
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Re: Allan Wall's Article "Houston, We Have a Problem!" Jose Hernandez, Anchor Baby Astronaut, Agitates for Amnesty  

From: Salvador Hernandez [Email him]

Allow me to correct your above referenced blog entry dated 10/21/09: "Anchor baby", whose automatic U.S. citizenship derived exclusively from the fact that he was born on U.S. soil—to illegal alien parents." As oldest brother of Jose Hernandez, I know my parents were NOT illegal aliens when Jose was born. Please correct your entry.

Allan Wall replies: I wrote back to Mr. Hernandez several times. I told him that if he could provide evidence that I was wrong, I would happily write a correction. However, Mr. Hernandez refused to provide any evidence and seemed somewhat offended that I would ask for it. So, my offer still stands. If he can prove to me that I was wrong, I would gladly issue a correction.

However, even if Jose Hernandez was technically not an anchor baby, he himself has clearly stated that "I feel more Mexican than American. I am from California because I was born in the summer, but half of my siblings were born in La Piedad, Michoacan [Mexico]." [Conversación que sostuvo el Presidente Felipe Calderón con el ingeniero José Hernández, August 22, 2009, translated by Allan Wall]

In other words he was born in the U.S. because his parents happened to be working here at the time. But it's clear that his heart belongs to Mexico.

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