A Reader Catches Us In An Apparent Error
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10/27/10 - An Iowa Reader Suggests A Shovel-Ready Project On The Border

From: A Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's blog item: Native American Tea Party Of, Yes, 1773

James Fulford wrote:

"When Sarah Palin told Tea Partiers not to party like it's 1773, numerous clueless people on the left responded 'You mean 1776!'

"As I am by far not the first to point out, the Boston Tea Party took place in 1773, when a group calling themselves the Sons Of Liberty, dressed up as Indians for the sake of anonymity, and threw chests of tea in the harbor.

"I say dressed as Indians, but the Sons of Liberty have been 'retconned' into dressing as 'native Americans' in many modern histories. Which is odd, because to them 'Native American' would have meant something different–a person born in America, and eligible to be President."

Why exactly would a British subject from the Province Of Massachusetts Bay have been thinking any such thing in 1773, Mr. Fulford?!?

James Fulford writes: Good one! Yes, the US Constitution was several years forward in time from the original Tea Party. But there already existed an American nation, and it was (mostly White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) natives of America who wrote that provision into the Constitution. My point is that they would have called a white man born in Boston or Virginia a native American, and the people we now call "Native American" were referred to in the Declaration Of Independence as "Merciless Indian Savages."

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