A Peruvian-American Objects To The Term "Hispandering"
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10/28/10 - A Reader Catches Us In An Apparent Error

From: Haydée Pavia [Email her]

Re: Bulletin 10/18/10 - Hickenlooper's Horrifying Hispandering

Please change that title to "Mexipandering."  

Hispanics are not invading the U.S. from south of our border. It is Mexicans who are invading us bringing poverty, ignorance disease crime and drugs.  

There are millions of law abiding Americans of Hispanic heritage who do not approve of the Mexican invasion. I'm one of them.

James Fulford writes: VDARE.com is more aware than most of the distinction between different Latin American countries and different peoples within those countries, but we're kind of stuck with the term Hispandering, which we may have invented, and which is now used by many more respectable people than us.

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