An Iowa Reader Suggests A Shovel-Ready Project On The Border
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10/26/10 - A Reader Sends Us "The Bedbug Letter"

From: James Bowery [Email him]

Re: Eugene Girin's article Needed: An "Iron Wall Of Bayonets" Between Mexico And the U.S.

60,000 border guards divided into 3 shifts of 8 hours each could be spaced at 1/10th mile intervals.  They could even act as "observe and report only" guards.

The cost?

Well, let's get all the players involved here:

US Federal Government, border States, border Counties, border Towns and border Property Owners.

So let's say the Federal contribution is only $1B/year and each of the other 5 levels contributes the same.  The border guards would have about $30/hour while on duty.

This is a "shovel-ready project" to create 60,000 middle class jobs.

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