A Reader Asks If Our Broccoli Comes From Mexico, Why Do We Need All Those Agricultural Workers In America?
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Re: A Reader Says A CDC Cover-Up For Mexico Leaves American Tomatoes Rotting On Vines

From: Gayle Sollenberger (e-mail her)

I agree, that when I first heard about the tomato problem, I immediately surmised that the problem probably started in Mexico, even after they started reporting that Mexican tomatoes were okay.  I only heard cover-up

And I also agree 100% that American should avoid Mexican produce.  But have you ever tried to find even a bag of broccoli that doesn't say "Produce of Mexico"?  Is it possible that there isn't a farmer left in this country that is growing broccoli?

But I have a question.  If we are importing Mexican produce, then how come we need all those illegals, who, according to President Bush and our other illustrious politicians, are doing the work that Americans won't do?

And another even scarier question.   While I don't really care that we are getting our better made cars from overseas, isn't it dangerous for us to be depending on foreign countries for our food supply, considering how much we've told that there are so many foreign governments that hate us.  What happens when they decide to cut off our food imports?

Sollenberger lives in Tennessee.

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