A Reader Points Out The Disgusting Reason Vegetables Exported By Mexico May Be Unsafe
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Re James Fulford's Blog: Jalapeno Peppers, Rather Than Tomatoes, Are The Cause Of The Salmonella, But They Do Come From Mexico

From: John Ciccolo, Jr. (e-mail him

It can only get worse. Mexico City pumps all sewerage/septage up and out to the Valley of Mexico. Only 10% of this waste is treated. This stuff Irrigates vegetables. During very dry spells, the "blackwater" evaporates, leaving a fecal dust which blows around contaminating large sectors of vegetables.

The stuff that is not pumped out via pipes is left to contaminate the ground water….which supplies 70% of Mexico City 's water. As the center of the City has sunk 25 feet in past 100 years, an exceptional period of rainfall could cause catastrophic contamination of the aquifers.

My great fear is that this will occur at some point and release many in the 22-25 million population for migratory action.

Ciccolo is a retired economics professor. Read his earlier letters to VDARE.COM here and here.

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