"A Desktop Raid"—IRS Cracks Down On Immigrant Fraudsters, LA Times Not Happy
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This is a story from the LA Times on the IRS finally taking action on illegals using fraudulent social security numbers, (that frequently belong to real Americans) to work illegally:

Computer 'raid' in Vernon leaves factory workers devastated

No immigration agents descended on Overhill Farms, a major food-processing plant in Vernon. No one was arrested or deported. There were no frantic scenes of desperate workers fleeing la migra through the gritty streets of the industrial suburb southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

For more than 200 Overhill workers, however, the effect was devastating: All lost steady jobs last month and now find themselves in a precarious employment market, without severance pay or medical insurance. It wasn't a hot tip or an undercover informant that helped seal their fates, but a computer check of Social Security numbers.

Protest rally
Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
Kevin Vasquez, 4, joins his mother among the recently fired workers at a rally in front of Overhill Farms in Vernon.
Overhill Farms, a major food-processing plant in the L.A. area, terminates more than 200 employees after an IRS audit finds that they had provided 'invalid or fraudulent' Social Security numbers.
By Patrick J. McDonnell June 12, 2009
Young Kevin Vasquez, pictured above, may have American citizenship by birth. If so, that would likely be something that his parents have succeeded in stealing from Americans, along with education, health care, and until recently jobs with Overhill Farms. The motto of Overhill Farms [Email them | email their PR firm]is "The kind of food Mom would make ... if she had a 225,000-square-foot kitchen and 800 helpers! " I'm not sure if Mom would be happy with 200 illegals in her kitchen. Not sure if her neighbors would be happy, either.
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