A Reader Asks About Terrorists McVeigh And Mandela; We Reply
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From: An Avid Reader And First Time Emailer [Email him]

I tried to email this to you before April 19, but family and work got me side tracked, my apologies. Thinking of April 19 and 1995, when the Oklahoma City Bomb went off.

Nelson Mandela was released from prison and Tim McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City. Both men were bombers, yet one is a terrorist and one is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. I have my own ideas as to why, but damned if I wouldn't like to hear VDARE.com’s explanation.

James Fulford writes: We have two articles about McVeigh by Sam Francis, because McVeigh was executed  in 2001, six years after he committed mass murder:

We have much more about Mandela, because of his recent death. Mandela was a terrorist—that's what he was in jail for, conspiracy to overthrow the government of South Africa. The story of the trial that convicted him is told in Rivonia Unmasked, by prosecutor Lauritz Strydom, downloadable on  Archive.org.

VDARE.com's coverage of Mandela's life:

The answer to the reader's question is that Mandela's cause  received the support of all the Western governments outside South Africa, as well as the Communists.

McVeigh's cause—he was angry at the US government for the mass killings at Waco and the shootings at Ruby Ridge—wasn't even supported properly  by congressional Republicans, let alone the mass media who spent so much time remembering the Sharpeville Massacre (South Africa, March 1960) and forgetting Waco (US, April 19, 1993.)

As for the Nobel Peace Prize, it's the Special Olympics of Nobels—there's no connection between the Prize and any amount of actual, you know, peace.

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