A White Male Reader Says That Either Trump Or Cruz Could Win If He Took On Affirmative Action
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From: A White Male Reader [Email him]

Either Cruz or Trump can win the election if he takes on Affirmative Action.

During the Republican revolution when they finally took control of the House of Representatives, after two years of the Clinton Administration, there was talk of doing something about Affirmative Action. So, the Republican leadership went to one of their upcoming black stars, J. C, Watts, and asked for his support. He refused and would not back the issue. [See Newt Gingrich—GOP’s Anti-White Quota King, VDARE.com, November 22, 2011]

So Newt Gingrich threw this issue deep into the memory hole and no leading Republican has ever made it a campaign issue since. This issue——Affirmative Action and its bastard children, race norming, racial set asides, race quotas, and forced integration of white neighborhoods through Section Eight vouchers—has really ticked off millions of white voters; but no Republican will even talk about it.

The few times it has come up to a vote by the people in Washington State [Initiative 200] and California [Proposition 209] the anti-Affirmative Action bill has won; even though it was opposed by the Dems, the labor unions, the Catholic Church, the GOP, and outspent twenty to one. This shows its incredible power.

Affirmative Action is directly related to the immigration issue. When Nixon started the program in the early Seventies the country was 85% white, today white babies are now a minority in their own country, and they will face the full impact of Affirmative Action all their lives. To save our country we need to use this issue, and either Cruz or Trump can make it an issue.

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