Mandela And Gadhafi: "Brother Leaders"
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Patrick Cleburne has linked to pictures of Mandela and Castro:


Also this one of Mandela and Arafat:

Mandela Arafat

But not any of Mandela and Gadhafi (the late Libyan Colonel, also spelled Gadafi, Gadaffi,   Gaddafi,   Gaddaffi,   Gadhafi, Gadhaffi,   Ghadafi, Ghadaffi, Ghaddafi, Ghaddaffi,   Ghadhafi, Ghadhaffi, Kadafi, Kadaffi, Kaddafi,     Kadhafi,   Khadafi, Khaddafi, Khaddaffi, Khadhafi, Khadhaffi, Qadafi, Qadaffi, Qaddafi, Qaddaffi, Qadhafi, Qadhaffi, Qadhdhafi, and Qathafi—whoever picked Qadhdhafi, give your head a shake. )

Here you are, courtesy of Libyan news agency, which currently  features a news story called Gaddafi and Mandela: Brother Leaders. Doesn't know things have changed in Libya? They do, but they don't care—they're based in Australia.

Mandela And Gadhafi

Mandela And Gadhafi

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