A Pro-Gun Reader On The Untrustworthiness Of Max Baucus—Who Can't Be Trusted On Immigration, Either
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Re: Chuck Baldwin's article Why We Chose The Flathead Valley Of Montana

From: An Irish-American Gun Rights Supporter [Email him]

Chuck Baldwin writes: "Example: it was the two Democrat US Senators from Montana that, in essence, killed newly elected President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's attempt to resurrect the Clinton 'assault weapons' ban."[Baucus, Tester Tell Holder to Back off Assault Weapon Ban, By Courtney Lowery, March 16, 2009]

The Senior Senator from Montana, Max Baucus is not good. As a quick read of the Gun Owners of America website will show.

His votes against the 2nd Amendment and gun owners are long and consistent; he voted in 1994 for the original "Assault Weapons" ban and has always done what the anti-gun lobby has wanted.

Pastor Baldwin needs to look more closely at Baucus, just ask Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, Baucus is no friend of ours, on any issue.

James Fulford writes: A lot of Montanans agree with you  on Baucus's gun rights record. I myself would not join a "Society Of People Who Trust Max Baucus."

But that's not the point. Chuck Baldwin didn't move to Max-Baucus-land to be near Max Baucus, he moved to Montana to be near Montanans.

The point is that the force that made Democrat Senator Baucus defy his President is the same one that made him vote against cloture on S. 1348 in 2007, in spite of the fact that he had voted for an earlier amnesty. That force, as I've said before, is that while politicians may not be able to see the light, they can feel the heat. And the heat here is supplied by the people of Montana.

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