A Reader Says Immigration Enthusiast Religious Leaders ARE Guilty of Treason
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Re: A Reader Questions Use Of "Treason" For Religious Leaders' Pro-Immigration Stance

From: Mares [Email]

"Name Withheld" is wrong to argue that "treason" is too harsh a term for members of the clergy who promote open borders and amnesty. Members of the clergy  and churches that are part of the illegal alien lobby  are guilty of treason. As citizens of a country, they are obliged to adhere to the rule of law. What's more, for religious leaders who claim to adhere to Christ's teachings, the pro-illegal alien stance is wrong headed because these church leaders are hurting poor and struggling middle class citizens, and pushing them into greater poverty, and privation.

Christ would have advocated that Christians demand the governments of the home countries of illegals raise wages and increase opportunities for them there. He wouldn't have rationalized indifference to the poverty of one's own citizens. Christ made mention of following the rule of law, and he also warned that we should not put religious leaders on pedestals, because they are as prone to sin as the rest of us.

These Christian leaders and members of the clergy are not just guilty of treason, they are also guilty of using the church exploitatively for their own profit. They should be reminded about what Christ did to those like them in the temple.

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