A Pessimistic Reader Says GOP Deserves What It Will Get From Cheap Labor It Imported
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s Losing A State, Losing A Nation—What's At Stake In Colorado

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

James Kirkpatrick wrote:

Rather than serving as corporate lobbyists for the ultra-rich, the GOP should wage war on big money in politics and embrace a populist strategy against bankers, cheap labor, and offshoring.

But how is this possible when the very essence of the GOP was and is that of an ultra-rich party?  The entire appeal of the GOP is exactly that of a strictly economistic party where the only thing that matters in life is profits. 

Sure, the GOP also has a conservative social agenda but it is dwarfed by the business side of the party.  Kirkpatrick's recommendation is laudable but naive.  A Democratic corollary would be to envision a Democratic party with a far-left social agenda mixed together with an anti-union platform. 

A better strategy: simply let the Republican Party die a slow natural death.  As the white working class continues to shrink in this country, do you really think that you or anyone else can save this relic of a party?  To try and convince the white working class to overwhelmingly vote Republican is like trying to get people to commit suicide.  Why would the white working class trust a party composed of corporate executives who, at every turn, have historically tried to strangle the middle class by lowering wages at every opportunity? 

No, no, no, the GOP deserves exactly what it is getting.  They've wanted cheap labor for years.  Now they've got it. 

How's that working out for the party of irrelevance?

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