A Reader On Assimilation—"Our Leaders Need To Speak Straight To These Folks"
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10/29/10 - A Peruvian-American Objects To The Term "Hispandering"

From: Conrad Gaarder [Email him]

RE: Steve Sailer's article: What GOP Should Say To Hispanics: "Vote Like Americans!"

How does one delicately point out to these immigrants what they know perfectly well but seem to forget at election time as they listen to their opinion leaders on Univision - that they came here to get away from people like themselves?

Straigtforwardly, I would say. They must be told that while they are no less good for having been born on some windswept, God-forsaken, rocky hilltop in Bolivia, when they came here it was to not only swing a hammer or hoist a sheet of drywall, but to learn to do and to think in a way that a more successful people do and think, so that they can become, if not genetically, then intellectually and spiritually, descendants of the English colonists who created this country, and, that this process cannot occur without their willingness to accept their new identity, through a process of assimilation, which cannot occur if too many millions of them come too quickly. They know this.

Therefore, our leaders need to speak straight to these folks, and under no circumstances speak as if they are afraid of saying something that might offend them.

(That America was founded not by immigrants, but by English colonists, is an observation of Peter Brimelow's, whose Alien Nation I read many years ago.)

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