An Anonymous Debate Viewer Writes On Bipartisanship
October 19, 2012, 02:39 AM
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Re: An Anonymous Debate Viewer Says Romney "Deserves To Lose" Over Immigration Answers In Debate

An Anonymous Debate Viewer [Email him]

Thank you for posting the note I wrote. Moreover, I think you summed up the immigration portion perfectly.

"Presidential Debate Shows A Failure Of Immigration Policy Bipartisanship—Obama And Romney Can`t Quite Agree On How To Betray The Country"

James Fulford writes: We`ve writtten a lot about bipartisanship, and the way I put is that it`s conspiracy of the politicians against the electorate. If the "bipartisan" elites have agreed on an issue (such as immigration) there`s no one you can vote for to stop it.