A Pennsylvania Reader Predicts Four More Years Of Obama If GOP Can't Do Better Than Rick Perry
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Re: Washington Watcher's article Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty

From: Dave Hook [Email him]

Thanks for an excellent expose of Perry the hypocrite. Browsing the NumbersUSA ratings doesn’t offer much encouragement for the field of Republican hopefuls. I’m not surprised at Perry’s rating at all.

One suggestion – the US doesn’t need a slowdown on legal immigration: We need a 10 year slammed-door moratorium or until we have enough jobs for those born here that can’t find work (other than McDonalds). The moratorium must be done to determine the capacity of the US. We cannot continue to import Third World poverty as the cities are already overrun with entitlement leeches now, and will become like Mexico City if things continue unchanged. Continuing to import untold thousands, most Third Worlders who have no love for our heritage or the values the country was founded upon, is insanity.

And we continually export our manufacturing capability to China and elsewhere so the availability of decent paying jobs with benefits is dwindling. This combination is a double edged sword that is not sustainable, but most of the giant corporations that pay no taxes here don’t see any need to manufacture here either. We’re becoming as suicidal as the Londoners!

 I lived in Dallas in 1997, and the city inside the beltway (LBJ) was a war zone of minorities about evenly split between blacks and Mexicans. Wonder when the last time Perry rode through town to see all the boarded-up buildings with 12 foot fences and razor wire on top? And the utter absence of English being spoken? Even then the suburbs like Plano were being plagued with home invasions.

With the shooting war along the border, how long can we live with this atrocity? How can politicians be oblivious to this? But the most scary proposition is four more years of the commie-in-chief when the Republicans but up a warmed-over McCain type like Perry or Gingrich to guarantee defeat like 2008. Does Perry have ties to La Raza like Newt?

See Dave Hook's previous letter.

James Fulford replies: No one has ties to La Raza like Newt, but Perry did address the 2010 NCLR conference, and criticize Arizona's law to that audience, which is pretty bad.

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