A Reader Says It's The Combination Of Business And Ethnic Lobbies That Causes The Trouble
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Re: Linda Thom's article Unemployment AND “Labor Shortages”? No—An Immigrant Longage!

From An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I just read Linda Thom's article on VDARE.com and I think she is missing a very salient point. The immigration problem is due to the combination of corporate interests exerting their considerable influence with the Republican elites in Washington to keep the cheap labor flowing, and the collusion by the Democrat elites with the ethnic lobbies to keep the borders open so they can garner additional votes from the illegals and their progeny by offering them social welfare benefits. This is something the Democratic Party has done with black Americans for years in a successful effort to lock up their vote.

 In short we have a government that no longer represents or cares about its constituency or the US Constitution. And this is true of both parties. The enemy of the American people is not in Afghanistan, Iraq, China or North Korea; it is in Washington DC.

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