A Paleoconservative Woman Reader Indulges In A Little Gloating Over Ben Shapiro/Michelle Fields vs. Breitbart Kerfuffle.
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Re: A Paleoconservative Woman Reader Asks “Will Neocons And SJWs Ruin Breitbart, Too?”

I have a glorious update on my earlier letter about the Ben Shapiro/Michelle Fields vs. Breitbart kerfuffle.

Hallelujah! It looks like SJW fraudster Michelle Fields has been fired, along with out-of-control treasonous neocon Ben Shapiro and a few other non-entities. After first having the gall to betray the patriotic Right via giving leftist morons at Buzzfeed the scoop, they have all been Tweeting furious denunciations of Trump, his supporters, and those with the critical faculties to question the obviously contrived SJW narrative laid forth by the disgusting Michelle Fields.

I will note that Fields, on Fox News, actually compared this extremely minor non-incident to the DEATH OF HER FATHER—further confirming the core element of SJWs everywhere: emotional instability.

She and Ben Shapiro have been on Fox News and the reprehensible Megyn Kelly every night with their saddest faces on, reaping the Murdoch lucre while pretending to be victims in their further pursuit of national fame. What fakes, frauds and scammers these people are! Who funds Shapiro's 'Daily Wire'? Could they be Cruz supporters (as I suspect)? Could Shapiro (as I further suspect) believe that 'anti-semitism' is behind criticism of himself and Fields? Even if these people were smart enough to read the works of the Old Right, would they agree with it or even care?

Probably nothing can be done about the paucity of wisdom and knowledge on the Right, thanks to the school and university system. Even if there were a requirement that these 'journalists' and 'reporters' enter the field at age 40+ after years of work and wisdom in other fields, idiotic minicons and gatekeepers like Kevin Williamson will continue to publish horrific anti-White pablum like his incredible latest that "hardscrabble, white...dysfunctional, downscale" communities "deserve to die"!!! [See A Virginia Paleoconservative Says NATIONAL REVIEW’s Kevin Williamson Is Bashing Whites The Way Tim Wise Does]

Williamson actually writes, in this month's edition of Bill Buckley's vanity press, that the "white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump's speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin." [The Father-Führer National Review, March 28, 2016]

I.e., those morons! Why don't they lift themselves up by following the tried-and-true Neocon Career Playbook: intern at NRO, staff job at Daily Caller, move to Brooklyn, appear on Fox News, write shallow book(s)...? If you're a white American with an IQ maybe a few standard deviations below the political commentariat, and NAFTA leaves your hometown a rusted-out hellhole while the extended family of El Chapo sets up permanent shop in your backyard—don't you dare blame anyone but yourself, you angry, Know-Nothing White-Privileged nativist!

It seems the pseudo-intellectual Right has made it their job for the rest of the election season to compose endless bromides confirming their own view of themselves as Intellectual Conservatives. We patriots can only sit back and mock them while enjoying the ride.

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